Woman Claims 18 Abortions From Aliens Who Abduct And Rape Her

This is a very strange, and interesting story of 41-year-old Giovanna Podda from Italy, a woman who claims she has been abducted by aliens since the age of four.

According to Podda, this is her 18th alien-hybrid pregnancy. The fetus, aborted by doctors, doesn’t look like something that should gestate inside of a woman.

She has strange phosphorescing marks on her body, burn holes and implants in her brain. On top of this, she has video and photo evidence of “alien spaceships.”

Podda claims she was raped by aliens and has been forced to flee from her home and her job after neighbors brandished her a liar.

Podda refutes those claims saying that she has been repeatedly abducted, raped and impregnated by a aliens outside of this world. She has released these photos to prove the legitimacy of her claim. What do you think? Is this a true alien-hybrid baby?

Check out the photos and video below!

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